Smart Marketers Are Positioning Themselves As New Leaders In What Might Be The Hottest Social Network Ever! (It Might Even Surpass Facebook And Google + Combined!)

May 2, 20130 Comments

It’s funny how social we are on Facebook or Google +, but not so much with our next door neighbor.

That is likely to change over the next few years…

Imagine if there were a PRIVATE social network that only allowed you to join based on your physical address, instead of your social preferences.

This is what Next Door, an up and coming social network is all about. The idea behind Next Door is brilliant…get to know who your neighbors are.

This will be a great tool since it brings a physical community together and not just a virtual community.

Imagine posting that you’re looking for a babysitter, having a garage sale this weekend, and just need neighbors to keep an eye out for your lost dog.

You no longer have to drive around posting signs…now you can quickly post a message in Next Door.

As a marketer, you know the power of word of mouth referrals for businesses. And what Next Door is doing is connecting people by physical location. This is very powerful, just like Local Clicks to Bricks.

We stay on the cutting-edge of new technologies and social strategies. This gives you an immense advantage in getting new clients, and, more money.

Because we not only show you how to use these new strategies to position yourself, we give you the tools to easily earn a 6 figure income this next year.

The best part is there’s nothing technical to learn since we do all the back-end work and behind-the-scenes marketing for your local clients, and give you the tools to position yourself as the authority in your local neighborhood.

The time to get started is now before someone else claims your neighborhood. Check out the details at:

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