Marv Wells

Local Clicks to Bricks Marketing Professional

Marv Wells
Certified Local Clicks to Bricks Professional
Phone: (888) 614-6664

As a Local Clicks to Bricks marketing professional who specializes in social media strategies and local Internet branding for your businesses, I can help you unravel the mysteries of finding local consumers using Internet marketing.

Marketing isn’t about having pretty websites or even having a Facebook page. It’s about attracting people to your business. Not just anyone, but the people who are most likely to spend money with you.

This is where I succeed. I help you find new customers who improve you bottom line. Period.

Through Demographic Technology and Social Media Marketing, I can sniff out where your prospects are hanging out, and help you turn them into regulars of your business.

How We Create New Customers And Turn Them Into Raving Fans For Your Business

  • Use Demographic Technology to Locate Local Consumers For Your Business
  • Engage These Local Consumers Using Proven Social Media Strategies
  • Create a Reward System That Keeps Them Coming Back And Referring Their Co-workers, Friends and Family

More About Marv Wells

The Local Marketer

Marv Wells is a Marketing professional who successfully has become a Certified Local Marketer within Local Click to Bricks. Helping your business acquire new customers is job one. The less talked about, but equally important task is job 2: Keeping these new customers loyal to your business and referring co-workers, friends, and family.

Meet Don Fawcett

Founder of Local Clicks to Bricks

Don Fawcett grew his local business to $10 million in less than 3 years using Local Internet Strategies. Since then, he’s helped countless other local businesses get an edge on the competition by implementing the latest local social media integration methods that can flood new customers into any business.


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