Facebook Deals Bigger Than Groupon (And better for the Biz Owner)

April 8, 20130 Comments

There’s a very under utilized marketing tool inside Facebook that many biz owners aren’t aware of. It’s called Facebook Check-In Deal and has the potential to be bigger than Groupon for two reasons.

Using Check-In Deals, a user “checks-in” at the business he or she is visiting using Facebook’s geo-locator. When someone checks-in, it updates there status on Facebook which allows all their friends to see where they’re hanging out.

This is great news for business owners who are using Check-in Deals since it grows your Facebook page at the same time. But even better is how these deals go viral.

If you buy a deal through Groupon, nobody knows about it except you, the business, and Groupon. With Facebook’s check-in deals, as soon as your customer checks-in at your location, everyone of his or her friends on Facebook has the potential to see your Facebook page (and physical address) as well.

This can create a viral effect that can have your local business booming with new customers. Obviously this works great for restaurants, clubs, and live music venues. But, it also works for massage, chiropractors, health food stores and any business that does business at a specific location.

So reason number one Facebook Check-In Deals can be bigger than Groupon deals is this viral factor. Reason number two is you don’t have to give the store away to attract new customers.

Stories of business owners who have suffered extreme losses from using daily deal sites continues to pour in. These sites have you give away your goods and services for usually half off and sometimes more. Then they take 50% of every coupon sold.

So essentially, your offering 75% less than you normally would. If you put out a sign in front of your store that said 75% off, I’d think you’d probably get a whole bunch of new customers without doing anything else.

Everyone loves a deal, but with Facebook check-in deals you don’y have to give the store away to attract a new customer.

The overlooked part of the check-in deal is the tacit testimonial from someone a person knows. If someone sees a friend checking in at a local eatery, it implies that that person likes the place with never a word being said.

And when more and more friends on Facebook start checking-in to your place, well you’re getting more tacit testimonials.

So get your Facebook deal working for you as soon as possible. If you don’t know how, we can set it up for you for a very low cost.


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