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Photo Op or Not? What Marketers Should Know About Pinterest

May 30, 20130 Comments

Pinterest hit the ever-growing social app scene last year with a bang. Immediately marketing guru’s started selling advice on how to make it work for small business. All this “advice” is really a path to nowhere in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I think Pinterest has a place in the social landscape, just not […]

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Social Media Showdown-Which Social Site Is Best For Your Business

May 24, 20130 Comments

If you’re a marketer, where should the majority of marketing efforts be? The answer to that really depends on your business. Most social media marketers say Facebook Pages is the number one priority for small business. And I would agree…most of the time. But if a company mainly deals in the business to business market, […]

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The New “Local” SEO

May 23, 20130 Comments

Remember when putting as many keywords on your page was not only expected, it was preached by the SEO gods. Today, that’s a big no-no. Keyword stuffing as it’s called can get you banned from major search engines. Of all the components of Internet marketing, SEO is by far the most difficult, and could be […]

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What Can You Really Do With Google Hangouts?

May 21, 20130 Comments

The main point of any social technology is communication. Being able to communicate faster, easier, and more clearly should be the goal of any technological advances. Google Hangouts has become a well-oiled machine that allows you to move from your laptop, to your phone while you’re still chatting. If you’re using Hangouts on your laptop, […]

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Foursquare…A Marketer’s Paradise

May 15, 20130 Comments

I posted about Foursquare before, and still believe it to be one of the biggest untapped areas for any marketer who helps small business. Foursquare continues to grow at a phenomenal rate and is one of the biggest untapped opportunities for marketers. Why?… Because of the analytics you get built-in with Foursquare. The funny thing […]

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Google Plus Now The Second Largest Social Network

May 10, 20130 Comments

When Google launched its social networking service, Google Plus, during the summer of 2011, tens of millions of people rushed over to sign up for an account. But within a few months, critics started pointing out the lack of engagement from users with little meaningful content and exchanges. Critics said the new social site just […]

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The Only Content Creator Done By Real Live Humans

May 8, 20130 Comments

Content Matters Here’s a marketing story that might date how long you’ve been a marketer. Remember the “auto-blog?” This was supposed to be the lazy person’s way to riches. The idea was to have all that nasty content-writing done for you…and millions of eyeballs would visit your page while you’re sipping a cold one on […]

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Small Business Marketers In Demand

May 8, 20130 Comments

Businesses are starting to use a broader mix of social media in their marketing efforts. According to a survey done by Constant Contact, more than 80% of small business owners say social media marketing can be effective. In May 2012, Facebook was mentioned more than all others combined. In December 2012, other social media sites […]

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Smart Marketers Are Positioning Themselves As New Leaders In What Might Be The Hottest Social Network Ever! (It Might Even Surpass Facebook And Google + Combined!)

May 2, 20130 Comments

It’s funny how social we are on Facebook or Google +, but not so much with our next door neighbor. That is likely to change over the next few years… Imagine if there were a PRIVATE social network that only allowed you to join based on your physical address, instead of your social preferences. This […]

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Facebook Places – The Place Your Business Needs to Be

April 26, 20130 Comments

Unlike like Google Places, Facebook Places puts small business on the social map. And that’s important because search patterns are changing.  Back in the old days (last year), if someone wanted to find a good restaurant or place to hang out, they really couldn’t search for it unless they knew the name of the business. […]

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